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    Maning your store in eBay is necessary very much, especially kind of store is Dropship so this software will help you to follow items info and revise price of listing in current more and more.
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    Dropshipper is necessary so much to have time to do items dropship, follow items, reply message, edit case return etc. So this software will save your time doing work by function so much, dropshiping, following, revise listing on ebay etc.
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    This software was designed easier working by user friendly interface design and Supporting 24 Hr, So be confident that software help you to grab money from dropship amazon to ebay business.

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This software can usable out place and can usable IOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry system etc. because matching HTML5 on Web applications and can support usability all function such as.

  • Ebay list faster
  • Automatic Tracking items
  • Automatic Revise ebay price
  • Automatic Re-stock quantity on ebay
  • Automatic searching Category
  • Automatic Revise Stock
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