Prime (Recommend)
if you need to filter prime only to listing, you can choose "enable". OR you needn't to filter prime choose "disable"
Stock (Recommend)
if you need to filter Stock more than "0" to listing, you can choose "enable". OR you needn't to filter Stock choose "disable"
Ebay Price = [(Amazon price)*(Margin% + PayPalFees% + Ebay fees%)] + (Fixed Margin + PayPalFees)

Margin - Amazon price $0.01 - $50

Margin - For Amazon price $51 - $100

Margin - For Amazon price $101 - $500

Margin - For Amazon price $500+



Ebay fees

Last 2 digits of price (Not necessary)
Example. Software calculate price = $45.12, if you set Last 2 digits of price = 99, software will change price to $45.99 .

Test Formula ($0.01 - $50)
Amazon price for test

Test formula price
Do you want to let buyers submit best offers? If you are selling a fixed price format item (in a category for which Best Offer is also enabled), you can use Best Offer (additional fees apply). This feature lets a buyer send you a lower priced, binding offer for an item.You can accept the offer, decline the offer, or let the offer expire in 48 hours. When you accept a best offer, we end the listing and display the best offer price and terms for the ended listing. For more information, see the Best Offer help.
This % will decrease from ebay price , Acceptprice = eBayPrice*[(100-AcceptPrice)/100]

This % will decrease from ebay price , DeclinePrice = eBayPrice*[(100-DeclinePrice)/100]

if you need to edit Descritpion, Please use Version 2.0
1. Go to this link
2. Login with your username and Password
3. Go to tab "Tracking"
4. Go to menu "Setting"
5. Click "Edit and save"
Quantity of listing
Quantity of the item available for sale. A quantity of more than one implies all the items are the exact same. If LotSize is greater than 1, then theQuantity field indicates the number of lots being listed and LotSize indicates the number of items in each lot.You can only use LotSize in lot-enabled categories.

Handling time (DispatchTimeMax)
Use this field to specify the maximum number of business days you take to prepare an item for shipment to a domestic buyer once you receive a cleared payment. The value you enter for *DispatchTimeMax does not include the duration of time needed to actually ship the item (the carrier's transit time) to the buyer.

Duration of listing
How long would you like your listing to be posted on eBay? Enter the amount of days you'd like the listing to be active.

Indicates whether the seller's tax table is to be used when applying and calculating sales tax for an order line item. A sales tax table can be created programmatically using the SetTaxTable call, or it can be created manually in My eBay's Selling Preferences. If UseTaxTable is set to true, the values contained in the seller's sales tax table will supersede the values contained in the Item.ShippingDetails.SalesTax container (if included in the request).
ReturnPolicy Accepted
Indicates that a buyer can return the item.
ReturnPolicy duration of return
Defines the length of time a buyer has in which to notify you of their intent to return an item.

ReturnPolicy shippingCostPaidByOption
Specifies who pays to return the item. *ReturnPolicy Accepted must be set to enable.

ReturnPolicy description
Provides detailed explanation of your return policy. *ReturnPolicy Accepted must be set to enable.

When you accept PayPal, you must also provide the email address associated with your PayPal account.

What types of currency do you accept? Specifies Currency in the metadata section of the Action field. A default currency value is already included in the template metadata and is related to the site where you downloaded your template. (You only need to change it if you want to list your item on a different eBay site.) For example, USD, CAD, GBP, AUD, EUR, CHF, TWD, CNY, INR, HKD, MYR, and PHP. Entry must be a valid *recomend USD

Immediate payment
Indicates that immediate payment is required from the buyer. This field is used to require that an item be paid for before it is considered closed and purchased. This field is supported for Premier and Business PayPal accounts only.

The base cost of shipping the item using the shipping service specified in the ShippingService field *Free shipping set 0

The cost of shipping each additional item if the same buyer purchases multiple quantity of the same line item.


You can report vero keyword to us. We will input it to system filter protect vero. Go to report CLICK

Enable system protect vero, We have 1,200 brand keywords to protect. You can report vero brand on this link CLICK
Block Keywords
When software found these keywords, The software will not fetch data from amazon and not list to ebay.
Remove or Replacement keywords
When software found these keywords, The software will deletes these keywords. if you need to replacement you can input by example. "Spoon=Slice" See More
Username ebaylistpro that you need to check duplicate ASIN

Please Choose duration to check & revise (1 Credit per item per time)

Protect ouf of stock, if product out of stock

Protect Prime, if product not fulfill by amazon (not prime)

Protect Price, if product Amazon price change

When price up more than %
When price down *within range %

Out of stock Automatic END (Software will [delete on ebaylistpro] and [End on ebay])

Current Credits :

Estimates for credit

Number of listing
Time to revise per day

if you enable vacation_mode, Software will pause Tracking Revising and Re-stock. So, This function will pause credit.

if you subscribe auto addtracking, you can set the Email Template to auto sending when software add tracking number on ebay.

Email Title


Email Description

[[Carrier.Other]] if Carrier is Amazon Logistics Or AMZL_US, [[Carrier.Other]] = Other
if Carrier = USPS or UPS SurePost, [[link_check_tracking_number]] = Website check a tracking number:
if Carrier = UPS, [[link_check_tracking_number]] = Website check a tracking number:
if Carrier = FedEx, [[link_check_tracking_number]] = Website check a tracking number:
if Carrier = ONTRAC, [[link_check_tracking_number]] = Website check a tracking number:
if Carrier = AMZL US, Amazon Logistics or Others, [[link_check_tracking_number]] = empty

Save before Preview

Choose Plan for listing

Enable logo Watermark to main picture. Read more
Note 1.Type PNG 2.200*80 pixel (width*high) 3.Background Transparent.

Choose your image Watermark

Enable Category keyword to title. Read More

Set category keyword position